Rev Syllabus


What You Will Learn

HTML Fundamentals

  • Understanding the Basic Concept of Web Design

  • HTML5: Structure, Syntax, and Semantics

  • HTML5: Building Web Forms

  • HTML5: Video and Audio

  • ... and more.

CSS Fundamentals with Bootstrap

  • Basics of CSS

  • CSS: Design Systems and Architectures

  • CSS: Property Groups

  • Responsive Web design

  • CSS Libraries (Bootstrap)

  • ...and more.

SASS Fundamentals

  • Variables, nested rules and mixins

  • Separating your stylesheet into partials

  • Storing data in maps

  • Functions, loops and conditionals

Introduction to JavaScript

  • JS Statements, Comments, Variables

  • JS Operators (arithmetic, assignment), Data Types

  • JS Functions, Objects

  • JS Math Object, Properties, Methods

  • JS Date Object, Properties, Methods

  • JS Array Object, Properties, Methods

  • JS Boolean Function, Properties, Methods

  • JS RegExp Object (Properties, Methods), Modifiers, Quantifiers

jQuery Basics

  • jQuery Selectors (elements, id, class, attributes)

  • jQuery Effect Methods (hide, show, toggle, fade, animate)

  • jQuery Events Methods (click, dblclick, focus, hover, on, off, ready, scroll, toggle, unload,

  • jQuery HTML/CSS Methods (addClass, after, append, appendTo, before, empty, innerHeight, innerWidth, remove, removeClass, toggleClass, val)


  • Introduction to Angular, data-binding, directives, lifecycle hooks.

  • Routing, HTTP calls, forms, animations, services, etc.


  • PHP - variables, conditionals, arrays, form handling, etc.

  • MySQL - connect, create, insert, update, delete, etc.

  • AJAX - request, response, DOM manipulation, etc.


  • How to get Startup Ideas

  • Ideas for Startups

  • How to Invent the Future

  • Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution

Getting Started

  • How and Why to Start A Startup

  • Before the Startup

  • Do Things That Don't Scale

  • Three Paths in the Tech Industry: Founder, Executive, or Employee


  • Finding a Co-founder

  • How to Split Equity Among Co-Founders

  • Technical Co-founder


  • How to Get Users and Grow

  • Network Effects

  • Growth Guide: How to Set Up, Staff and Scale a Growth Program

  • Laying The Foundation for Sustainable Growth

  • How to Get Users and Grow

  • 9 Ways to Build Virality into your Product

Sales and Marketing

  • Big Deals

  • Content Marketing

  • Why Startups Need to Focus on Sales, Not Marketing

  • How to Sell

  • Getting Press for Your Startup


  • How to Measure Your Product, How to Build a Product.

  • How to Find Product Market Fit

  • Before You Grow

  • How to Build Products Users Love

  • If your product is Great, it doesn't need to be Good

  • Before You Grow


  • How to Convince Investors, How to Talk to Investors

  • How to Raise Money

  • How to Design a Better Pitch Deck

  • Why Does Your Company Deserve More Money?

  • Fundraising Fundamentals

People & Culture

  • A Guide to Employee Equity

  • Hiring and Culture

  • How to Hire

  • Hiring and Managing

  • Building an Inclusive Company Culture

  • How to Hire Your First Engineer

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