Rev Fellowship

What is the Devamplify Rev Fellowship?

Rev fellowship is a free 16 weeks mentor-led program for people that want to build a career in software engineering. This is what you get:

Free 16 weeks immersive software engineering training on Modern web and mobile technologies

Startup training using renowned curriculum

Access to seasoned mentors that will facilitate your growth

Project driven training that sees you round up with a product.

The Syllabus

The Devamplify Rev Fellowship Full Stack Web Development program syllabus goes very deep.

You'll learn to program in several languages and technologies including JavaScript, PHP, Angular and React Native, alongside HTML, CSS, and SASS.

You will also learn to understand Computer Science from its most fundamental levels. And also the fundamentals of running a startup.

See the full syllabus here

Who is eligible to apply?

You must be at least 18 years of age.

Not a student

If you have graduated from a Tertiary Institution, then you should have gone for Youth Service.

Not entangled in any other form of commitment as the fellowship is full-time.

Agreement with the terms and conditions.

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What's next after applying?

1. Rev Onboarding

If selected, you will spend the first one(1) month honing your technical abilities in an online homestudy, demonstrating your learning abilities, learning agile best practices under the guidance of our technical team. You will learn the basics of web development as a foundation for your Full Stack Web and Mobile application development experience.

2. Join A Team on Slack

Once you’ve proven excellence and successfully passed the onboarding tests (in technical analysis, team skills, and enterpreneurial abilities) you will be assigned to one of our development teams, headed by a Rev Mentor (which range from industry leaders in high-growth tech companies like Nivada, Progxap and as a full-time, team member.

3. Physical, On-campus Training

We believe that software development is a mindset, hence it requires lifelong learning. Devamplify Rev provides you with state-of-the-art office space, amidst other great benefits, and a team of senior engineers and Rev mentors to support your long-term growth. You will spend the next five(5) months honing your software development abilities in a growth-focused environment.

4. Build Real Products

While at Rev, you will work closely with our engineering teams and Rev Mentors to build and deliver real time high-impact products. Thereby, giving you the opportunity to master the professional and the technical aspects of being a world-class software developer.

Are you ready?

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